Truck transport with tarps

Reliable and timely transport for more than 24 years!

About us

Ha&Ti; Trans - our core business is tarpaulin truck transport. We carry out transport through all the countries of the Balkans and the neighborhood (North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary).

We are always committed to meeting deadlines and transporting every load safely and securely.

  • Transport in the countries of the Balkans and in Europe
  • 4 tarpaulin trucks
  • We exist since 1999

The trust given by our customers is a top priority for us. The quality of the service is always in the first place, because for our customers the most important thing is to always have their shipment at the right time, in the right place and in the safest way.

Why us

Why choose us


Just in time

Our priority is timely transportation agreed with our customer.


At the right place

The transport is always on time at the agreed place.



Transport safety is always observed.


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Str.105/9, Chelopek, Tetovo, North Macedonia

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